The cost and risks of smoking.

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Four hundred thousand deaths a year, fifty billion dollars in medical expenses a year. Why does this nasty habit cause so much harm? Wait, better yet, why do people choose to inhale tobacco products when fully conscious of the risks? Tobacco is a menace to society and human life. The CEO's of these major tobacco corporations get away with murder every single day, while they are driving their brand new Porsche and unlocking the door to their twenty-five bedroom mansion. Where'd the money come from? I thought you knew that every time you bought a pack of cigarettes that you were paying for these people new car or house, and not to mention that your life, in the long run, will also pay a price for your smoking decision.

I am a cigarette smoker, I am also addicted to the tobacco enclosed in the paper of the cigarette and with every cigarette I allow myself to take more and more time away from my life.

I have been smoking for three years and I am as addicted as a twenty year smoker. The brands of cigarettes I smoke are the strongest cigarettes on the market and they are also menthol cigarettes.

Tobacco companies will do anything in their power to get young people (ages range from anywhere from 14 to 19) to smoke and buy their product. The reasoning behind this is simple, if these companies can get these young people, like me, to start smoking they will soon become addicted which means they will be tobacco consumers for a long time. This all means more money for the tobacco corporations, they younger they can get you hooked the better house or car they can buy.

Business is business some people say, but murder is not justifiable. Just because theses...