Year 9 Health Response (Tobacco) Using the decision making model as a reference and guide address the following situation.

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Decision making model: You are with a group of close friends and they are trying to get you to try smoking tobacco, marijuana or drinking alcohol. They want to get together tomorrow and try it. In essay form, outline the process you would go through to make the decision as to whether you do or don't. Include all the facts and information you have accumulated in order to make an educated decision.

In this situation, I am with a group of close friends and they are trying to get me to try smoking tobacco. My decision would most likely be a "no". I mean "no" as in I will never try drugs and alcohol, and everyone including those who are influencing me into trying those should know that.

Being asked to smoke tobacco, I'm given a list of choices which I can decide upon. There are those choices that I can ask to myself such as "Should I start smoking?" Should I smoke every so often? When I'm socializing with my friends? In emergencies when I just need to escape reality? Then there's that choice I can say "no".

"No" could mean that I would smoke once in a while, and "no" could mean that I never would want to smoke and I never will smoke. That "no" would be due to the positive and negative consequences of smoking and how much cons there are compared to pros.

There are many alternatives to smoking. Instead of trying tobacco products, try some "Anti-Drugs"! You can do: dancing, basketball, soccer, skating, being with your friends, playing computer games, helping others, and much more.

There are only a few positive consequences to tobacco and the following will inform all of them. By smoking you can be able to have a "bonding" with...