Diseases Caused by Cigarette Smoking

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Over 62,000 people die each year from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. It's a hard habit to break that nobody should start and those that already smoke should try to break. It's unhealthy not only for the smoker, but also the people around them. Smoking also affects your appearance and the amount of time people want to spend around you.

Smokers often look much, much older than they really are. Smoking causes them to get wrinkles and it makes their teeth turn yellow. It also makes them, their house, and cars smell like smoke. It even makes the people around you smell like smoke which may cause people not to want to be around you.

Smoking doesn't just affect your appearance it also affects your health and how long you live. Most smokers develop a hacking cough and even worse. Some get heart diseases and lung cancer which there is no cure for yet.

Both of my grandparents on my father's side smoked cigarettes for most of their lives. And both of them died from lung cancer in their sixties which is a young age compared to their brothers and sisters who didn't smoke and are either still living or who died in their 80's or 90's.

Smoking also affects you family, friends, and whoever else may be around you. Last year 3,000 people died from lung cancer caused by being around people who smoke. Did you know that for ever how many cigarettes someone smokes that you are around, you smoke half as many. So if you were around someone while they smoked 4 cigarettes it's just like you've smoked 2.

I believe that smoking is one of the worst habits someone could have. And it is a hard habit to break because it is addictive. So if...