"The cost of freedom" "Imagine"

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The term and concept of freedom is taken for granted by many, especially by we Americans. The cost of freedom may as well be the most "expensive" purchase to mankind. The primary cost of freedom is human life. These costs have existed and increased since the beginning of time.

The happenings of September 11, 2001 brought many Americans to realize how precious freedom actually is. We learned that freedom can be taken away from us over night. People may ask what is being taken for granted. The answer is everything. Imagine living in a world where you were not allowed to believe or follow the religion of your choice. Imagine witnessing the massacre of family and friends for not believing in a certain religion. Imagine a government made up of one person. One person controls the life of everyone within the country. This government would not allow you to voice any opinions against it or it may result in your death or possibly limbs being taken off.

Imagine a life where the future of your children is determined by the government. Imagine being scared for your life. Imagine being a slave within your own country, under your very own government. This seems unreal. Sadly, this is still going on in many parts of the world today.

Freedom is to have the privilege to voice one's own opinions, believe in the religion of their choice, make family decisions, and decide on how they and their family should live their lives. Freedom is at stake to those who have it, and in the visions of those who don't. It is the responsibility of we citizens to protect and preserve the country in which our freedom lies.

The cost of freedom builds up as time passes, and we continue to pay for it.