"The Count of Monte Cristo"(title and book) by Alexandre Dumas.

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The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, is a captivating tale of adventure and vengeance set in Europe in the early 19th century. Edmond Dantes, a 19- year-old sailor, has a promising future. He's about to be married, and everything seems fine... until a favor he had done for his deceased captain lands him in the infamous political jail Chateau d'If. There, Dantes meets and befriends an old priest. Dantes soon learns that the priest is dieing from a severe medical condition, and shortly before the priest dies, he bequeaths a secret fortune entirely to his young friend, should he ever escape from prison. After fourteen long years, Dantes finally escapes from prison, finds the secret fortune, and with it, rewards people who have been kind to him and publicly destroys those who had conspired against him. Dantes' escapade ends when he finds that he accidentally cause the death of an innocent man.

He realizing that he can no long play God. Edmond Dantes' (later known as the eccentric Count of Monte Cristo) unique personality aids him in conquering this said "man vs. man" conflict.

Dantes' determination is a consequential personality trait that will help him escape prison and "punish" his foes. Upon his arrival at the prison, Dantes wasn't exactly the brightest guy, being only 19 and a sailor at that. When Dantes notices Faria (the priest) pacing in his cell, shouting how he wishes the guard were blind and deaf. Dantes exclaims "He'll be blind and deaf!" (49). (Meaning that he'd kill the guard.) This shows that Dantes is determined to free himself and doesn't mind if he has to kill someone to do it. Saying that is also quite out of character for Dantes, as he was a good, quiet young man before...