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Country Analysis Overview“Some arguments have gone as far as devoting attention to a so-called cultural heritage basis of the contrast between the two regions. Supposedly, the Confucian heritage of Asian countries promoted principles of group solidarity, a sense of hierarchy, and nationalism that were propitious to these countries’ growth enterprise (Onis, 1995). On the contrary, the Hispanic tradition allegedly has a tendency to drift into the “easy way out” (Harberger, 1988, p.177), to “follow the line of least resistance” (Jenkins, 1991), and to be “anti-democratic, anti-social, anti-progress, anti-entrepreneurial and at least among the elite, anti-work” (Harrison, 1985, p.165.” (Comeau, 2003) Analyses such as this one are often used by countries, companies, and consumers to determine possible risks of conducting business around the world. What conclusions can be drawn from country analysis and how accurate is the information?A review of the country profile 2004 analysis of the United States retrieved from

measures provides information that allows strategic analysts to measure the risks in areas of business investment, development and operations in the country’s telecommunications industry. Risks forecast will be determined by information on the United States’ social / cultural, political / legal, demographics, economics, and technology / infrastructure environments. How effective are the models and techniques used by the analyst and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the data presented? What are the short-term and long-term benefits to a new or expanding telecommunications company in the US?Telecommunications in the United States Risks AnalysisDriving ForcesBusinessInvestmentBusiness Development Business OperationsSocial / CulturalRisks - LowRisks - ModerateRisks - ModerateOpportunitiesOpportunitiesOpportunitiesEducated human capitalPolitical / LegalRisks - ModerateRisks - ModerateRisks - HighOpportunitiesOpportunitiesHomeland SecurityOpportunitiesDemographicsRisks - LowRisks - LowRisks - LowOpportunitiesOpportunitiesOpportunitiesEconomicsRisks - ModerateovervaluedRisks - ModerateRisks - ModerateStill a leading industryOpportunitiesOpportunitiesOpportunitiesTechnology/ InfrastructureRisks - HighRisks - HighRisks - ModerateOpportunitiesCostly to buildOpportunitiesCostly to buildOpportunitiesStill a leading industrySocial / Cultural“Although the income...