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Doctor Key Skills

• a genuine desire to help people

• excellent communication and listening skills

• a keen interest in science and medicine

• the ability to keep up-to-date with developments in patient care

• compassion, integrity and a sense of responsibility

• the ability to put people at their ease and inspire their trust and confidence

• practical skills for examining patients and performing clinical procedures

• the ability to work under pressure and make quick clear decisions

• the ability to work consistently to high professional standards

• leadership skills

• The ability to train, teach and supervise staff.

6 Key Skills Every Manager Needs

1. Leadership and People Management

Attract, retain, motivate, coach and develop team members for high performance

2. Communication Skills

Communicate, present, assert, speak senior management language

3. Collaboration Skills

Influence, build relationships, navigate politics, manage conflicts, negotiate

4. Business Management Skills

Understand strategy, business functions, decision-making and workflow

5. Finance Skills

Budget, forecast, manage cash flow, understand financial statements, manage business metrics

6. Project Management Skills

Plan and manage successful projects, manage risks, costs, time and project teams

5 General Management Skills for Multifunctional Leaders:

Corporate Strategy:

Financial Management:

Competitive Marketing:

Human Resources Planning:


Functions of a GM may include:

Administer daily operations•

Create, review and implement business procedures•

Work with department heads•

Plan company activities•

Manage financial budgets•

Take care of company expenditure and bills•

Manage company property such as cars, telecommunication devices, and laptops•

Handle business procurements•

Delegate responsibilities•

Hire, train, assess and fire staff•

Execute administrative responsibilities•

Attend meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences•

Travel to different locations

13 skills needed for a G.M

1. Communication

2. Listening Skills

3. A Commitment to the Truth

5. Persuasion

6. Leadership

7. Focus

8. Division of Work

13. Administrative and Financial...