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WARNING: Creating a Bootable CD-ROM is intended for the advanced user.

It requires an understanding of how to create bootable floppy disks and

how to create and edit DOS CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

Adaptec Easy CD Creator allows you to create CDs that you can boot from.

However, not all systems support booting from CD-ROMs. Here is what you

will need:

1.) If your computer has a built-in CD-ROM drive, you should check your

system BIOS settings and see if you can enable Bootable CD-ROM

support. Most Pentium class systems (or higher) support this


2.) If your CD-ROM drive is connected to a SCSI host adapter, and if

the SCSI host adapter has a BIOS on-board, you should check your

host adapter documentation and see if it supports booting from a


Adaptec Easy CD Creator creates a bootable CD-ROM by copying the contents

of a bootable floppy disk to your CD.

When you boot to the CD-ROM, the

exact contents of your floppy disk are now seen on your CD-ROM drive.

Under most configurations, the CD-ROM drive is accessible as drive A: while

your floppy drive automatically moves from drive A: to B:.

When you boot to your CD-ROM, your drive A: will only show you the contents

that were on your floppy disk. You will not see any of the files that were

added to your CD layout from within Easy CD Creator. In order to see the

CD-ROM content, you need to properly create the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT

that are on the root directory of your bootable floppy disk / CD-ROM.

The creation of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT is dependent on the system

you are planning to boot from. The CONFIG.SYS file will typically contain

the instructions to load...