The Creation of Israel in 1945

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Discuss the varying responses to the conflicts between the Arab's and the Jew's, leading up to the creation of Israel in 1945. Throughout history there have been many conflicts between the Jewish Israelis and the Arab Palestinians, both of who claim the right of sovereignty over the current land of Israel. The Jewish claimed they needed a national homeland and Palestine had been promised to them in biblical times while the Arabs claimed that it was their land initially and the Jewish had no right to take it away. Both groups have had varying responses to the conflicts that occurred leading up to the creation of Israel in 1948. Many key groups and events were responsible for the creation of the state of Israel including the various contradictory agreements made by the British, Theodor Hetzl and the first zionist congress, the effect of WWII and the feelings of hatred between the Arabs, Jewish and British.

One man who was important in beginning the Zionist movement (the belief that the Jews national homeland was Palestine) was Theodor Herzl. Herzl was an Austrian Jew who published a pamphlet called "the Jewish State", where he claimed that the Jews were alienated by society because they were a people without a nation. He aimed to create a Jewish state and traveled through Europe meeting national leaders in order to gain support for his scheme. While doing this he was able to convene the First Zionist Congress in August 1987. This congress was a significant step forward to establishing a Jewish homeland. Herzl considered accepting other sites for a Jewish homeland other than Palestine, especially Uganda. However when he died in July 1904 the Uganda scheme died with him and migrants began moving into Palestine. By 1914 the Jewish population of Palestine had grown somewhere...