creativity theories: skinner vs. maslow

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Creativity can be defined in many different ways because it is such a broad term. "It has been known to some as the step-child of psychology. This statement characterizes the historically difficult relationship existent between gifted individuals and society and, between science and creativity research" (Bergquist, "A Comparative View of Creativity Theories", p.1). Therefore, gifted individuals, in any area of creativity, are the ones who show the most creativity; those who are creative are gifted in whatever they do.

Creativity occurs within a person and results in an original work of art. The individual goes through a process that leads up to his creativity, and therefore shows his creative abilities as the outcome. Whether it is shown through art, music, literature, or any other type of creative expression, the result is still a product of creative performance.

Catherine Patrick offered a systematic confirmation of the stages. The stages have become generally accepted.

They are 1) preparation, 2) incubation, 3) insight (or discovery, illumination), and 4) verification or concretization. I should add that this last stage often eventuates in 5) a product (in broad sense of the term). The appearance of the product may then be followed by 6) a complex process of evaluation involving criteria of morality, of usefulness, of scientific accuracy, of originality, and of beauty. (Gotz, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, p. 299).

"Creativity is the capacity to have new thoughts and to create expressions unlike any other. Creativity is a basic element in human endeavors, such as art, music, literature, and performance" ("Creativity", Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia). These creative expressions are the effects of a creative performance from the individual.

Others may feel there are a number of components that take part in the production of creativity. Creativity is generated within an individual because of...