Creole Culture and the Idea of Autonomy in Martinique

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According to the existing etymology of the word creole was projected a long time ago. Current lexicographic effort to decide its source more precisely has not been victorious. However, it is helpful to create this study of creoles by citing two supposed sources. They are visibly false, but, in their particular ways, they exemplify completely how frequently great ideological fantasies can redirect grave thoughts, even in debates that are supposedly methodical.

The wide-ranging belief is that the word creole comes from Spanish criollo … French créole was it seems that rented from Spanish in the seventeenth century. In Spanish, the word criollo destined 'a person of European plunge born exterior Europe.' It seems eccentric that Creole, a language diversity that developed from dialectal French, was thus misidentified with a foreign name. At rest stranger is the recurrence of the similar procedure, through the similar epoch, in other places where Spanish was yet unidentified (Althusser, Louis.,

2001, 127-86).

By addition, creole language as a genus of mirror of Creole culture interferes into French traditions of organizing society as association in Martinique throughout colonialism. Though, the kind of linguistic and artistic confrontation Glissant make clear in his work vis-a-vis the neocolonial association among Martinique and France is incomplete by the degree to which France recognizes the Creole of Martinique as a hazard.

Though Martinique, the Philippines, and Hawai'i are all earlier colonies, Glissant's theories of creolization and Creole language are exacting to the French Caribbean and only truthfully to Martinique, and so this research use his theories with due concern. Glissant is also eager that creole culture and language in Martinique is a method to bind Martinicans nationally, as Taglish, in spite of its use throughout the rebellion of 1986 that overthrew Marcos's despotism of 14 years, "has recently become the means...