'Creon and Antigone are honourable people, yet both are fatally proud, and that is the source of the tragedy.'

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Tragedy: any event which is disastrous fatal or dreadful. Both Creon and Antigone were respectable, honourable and someone other people looked up to, yet they were too hubris in their actions and were too over proud of themselves. Pride is a theme that both Creon and Antigone had much of and were too careless about their prideful actions. Loyalty was something that Antigone showed much of towards her family, yet Creon had a wife and son and was very disloyal to them. Passion is what brings Antigone's emotions out, however Creon brings out his passion in different ways.

Too much self-respect and personal worth caused tragedy's in the city of Thebes. Even though Creon had so much pride, he'd only listen to himself and not anyone from his city. Although he was the King of Thebes, it felt like he only wanted to satisfy his needs, no one else's.

As he quotes in the book, "none of my subjects thinks as you do," it shows that he thinks no one can think of better ideas than him and that makes the city of Thebes feel worthless towards him. Antigone is also a character that has too much pride because she has very strong ideas and acts; she wants everyone to believe in her. Yet, she asks her sister Ismene for help, Ismene refuses to help as she knows that there will be consequences and Antigone feels that her sister isn't being supportive of her. Antigone says that "I have done right all along and will let it be known that it is Creon who has caused all this." This shows that she believes in her self too much and thinks she is always right. She doesn't even think of the consequences that will happen to her because she has...