Creons Traits in Oedipus

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Creon's Traits in Oedipus defines hero as "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities." This notion exhibits the different character traits that make up someone who is deems themselves to be honorable and respectable. It is evident in everyday life that people who demonstrate these characteristics are credited and treated with respect. Throughout the play Oedipus The King, Sophocles portrays Creon highly as a man with a voice of reason and this stems from his ability to incorporate these characteristics into his everyday life. This is evident through the way he handles situations and carefully analyzes issues before making judgments. While Oedipus acts franticly when dealing with situations, Creon sustains his tranquility. Creon has the true and honorable traits of a hero by how he is noble and faithful. Towards the end of the tragic play, Creon clearly proves himself honest and responsible, and with these traits, is a strong leader.

Therefore, Creon illustrates the rewards of calmness, honesty and compassion. These traits all contribute to the overall success of Creon as a person.

Throughout the play Creon embodies a figure of calmness, which is rewarded by the chorus stepping in and speaking for him. Creon's patience and calmness is evident when Oedipus accuses him of conspiracy with Teiresias to name Oedipus the killer of King Laius. Rather than acting anxious or lashing out impulsively, Creon develops a rational explanation as to why his desire for Oedipus's crown is invalid. "Hear my reply. And when you know, then judge." (Sophocles 40) Creon proclaims to Oedipus that being stubborn and undermining common sense is irrational. By Creon being brought aware of Oedipus's outrage, he handles the situation by staying calm and collected. He asks Oedipus to hear him...