Criminal Justice Organizational Trends Paper

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Criminal Justice Organizational Trends Paper

Antonio Gayler


August 21, 2014

Edward Lopez





Criminal Justice Organizational Trends Paper

The advancement of technology is affecting everyone in their everyday lives whether we want to accept it or not. The criminal justice system is no stranger to this; it has created more work for them and in order for them to keep pace with criminals they have to continue to evolve and stay current with the progress of technology. Technology changes from one day to the next and in order to fight and prevent crime the criminal justice system must stay current with the many changes of technology. Their success in the fight against crime depends on how well they are able to adapt to the changes. The writer will talk about the use of privatization and militarization of the criminal justice organizations as well as different behavior theories and the effect of societal and organizational diversity and the use of the criminal justice motivational theories matrix in this paper.

"Privatization" can be accomplished in a host of ways; in its most basic form, it is the adoption of public functions by private entities or individuals (Finegan). Privatization has had a heavy effect on the criminal justice system and punishment systems. This is definitely not a new idea; it is in some ways a return to what was done years ago. Before the nineteenth century private groups and individuals handled the majority of criminal justice functions. The privatization of law enforcement services are on the rise, and as a result law enforcement agencies will be in competition with private organizations for law enforcement services (Harvey).

It's time for American police to remember that they are supposed to protect...