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Criminal Law What is the point of having laws? Most people would answer that question by saying in some way, " To protect the lives of innocent citizens."� Law are based on the crimes individuals violate according to criminal law. There are wide ranges of crimes, such as stealing from someone to killing someone. The punishments vary according to the crime. Criminal law is somewhat a force we approve for establishing punishments and regulations. Criminal law is important to all American citizens.

According to FBI crime report, the most common performed crime is larceny. Larceny is to take or remove a possession that is the property of another.

Larceny explicitly is announced as theft.

Next most common performed crime is burglary. Burglary is very common to larceny and robbery, but includes breaking and entering into a building in the time with the intent to commit a felony.

The following most common performed crime is aggravated assault.

Aggravated assault is a threat of physical injury to another. Aggravated assault usually occurs where high stress is evident. Continually, the next most common performed crime is robbery. Robbery is a combination of larceny, robbery, and aggravated assault. It is usually a matter of jealousy or rage.

Finally, the last most common performed crime is murder. Murder is the killing of a human being by a person who had the intent to kill. Murder is broken down into four different degrees. First degree murder is when a person intends to kill another without justification or excuse, and succeeded to do so. Second degree murder is when a person inflicted upon another a serious injury, but instead brings about an unintended death. Third degree murder is when a person acts in an extremely reckless way that demonstrates a obtuse indifference to value a human life...