"Crisis in Kuwait" Reviews the incidents leading to the Gulf War, and reasons/steps taken by American Goverment

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-Overview- Reviews America's involvement in the Gulf War, also the events leading into it from Iraq/Saudi perspective.

-Privacy Note- My father's name was removed for privacy and military legal matters.


Crisis in Kuwait


The United States has had many confrontations, and conflicts. Not since the Vietnam War had America had a massive confrontation like this. Although this war was on a massively smaller scale to Vietnam, considering America only lost 148 service members (Rashid&Shaheen 416) opposed to the Vietnam War claiming 58,000 American lives (Britannica Online).

The United State's involvement in the Persian Gulf War was necessary. The cataclysmic loss of oil resources, bio-chemical threats and sanctions violations, and the possibility of human genocide were the three primary reasons of our involvement.

Almost every war you can think of has been fought over resources. Whether it be better land territory, fresh water, coal, oil, etc; the main subject of the matter is resources.

Wars must also adhere to certain ethics of war combattery. Many say war should only be waged to attain peace, restoring human rights, protecting innocent life, and seeking just and lasting settlement and restoration of peace (Vaux 143). I believe that the major interest of the United State's involvement was oil, restorning human rights, and protecting innocent life. We use oil for almost everything we do in our everyday lives. Oil powers our machines, vehicles, and other various every day items. The main oil reserves for the world remain in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia holds the higher percentage of oil reserves. The United States is the top oil-consuming nation in the world (Rashid&Shaheen 40-41).

The possibility that Iraq could take over the oil reserves would mean they could set pricing on the oil. Oil would be able to be used as a weapon against...