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Our group decided for our new space colony's criteria to be a civilized community. We picked these ten people because we know they have the skills to survive, build a great civilization and work together. They also all have the values and personalities that will be important to establish our colony.

There are positive aspects and reasoning for the choices made within these ten people, other than the pilot and co-pilot who are necessities. Mrs. Cox is an elementary school teacher who is chosen because when the community begins to procreate, she will be able to teach and tutor their offspring/children. Mohammed Tyron is a civil right activist and in his fourth year of medical school. He is chosen because he is a born intelligent leader who knows how to take charge of situations, especially if there are any emergencies. Also because he has basic common knowledge of human anatomy so he can treat and cure illness or injury.

Sofia Gonzales is a young registered nurse. She can assist any of the doctors in emergencies and care for anyone who might get sick. Dr. Chew is the space colony's dentist. Other than caring for the community's teeth; she has strong genes, she is able to reproduce, and she can offer more knowledge to the offspring of the colony. Harvey Wallace runs a successful home repair business. He is a handyman and can fix/repair any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing problem. Rabbi Kleinman majored in civilizations therefore knows how all civilizations were started, survived and ended. He can show the village how to survive with very limited resources. Alf Sorenson is a bricklayer who can construct just about anything the colony needs. He is street smart, knows survival skills because he was in the military (good hunter, navigator, and protector against anything...