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Fitzpatrick, B., & Ali, S. I. (2011). Cooperative Learning: Value-Added To Operations Management. International Journal of Management & Information Systems, 15(2). Executive Summary Nowadays business environment is very challenging, either workers or students need to integrate and apply knowledge from various sources. Hence, Integrating cooperative learning techniques with information technology and applying it to the field of production and operations management will help to investigate how computer-supported cooperative learning (CSCL) can improve learning performance. The main purpose of this report is to examine how information technology, when applied to communication medium, can facilitate the learning process of the field of production and operation management. This study compared traditional, face-to-face cooperative learning (FtFCL) environment to computer-mediated cooperative learning (CMCL) environments for differences in student's learning performance and satisfaction. Hence, the hypothesis about performance, perceived performance, and satisfaction will be tested bellow. To deliver the best understanding for the reader, this report conducted with scientific method of research, simple understanding about the case study, the concept used to understand the article and the main assumption underlying the author thinking.


INTRODUCTION In recent years, value chain in a global business environment is very challenging. Integrating cooperative learning techniques will help to investigate how the differences method of learning environment can affect the learning performance. The purpose of this report is about how information technology when applied to communication medium, can facilitate the learning process of the field of production by using the comparison between CSCL and FtFCL. CRITICAL THINKING Since operation management is very quantitative in nature, the main objection of this study was to investigate how (CSCL) and (FTFCL) could benefit the field of operation management. The key...