Cross Cultured Hospitality Students

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Cross Cultured Hospitality Students

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Impact of the Learning Styles Of Cross Cultured Hospitality Students On Academic Performance

Project Outline


Chapter # 1 Introduction

Chapter # 2 Literature Review

Chapter # 3 Methodology

Chapter # 4 Findings

Chapter # 5 Conclusion



If we analyzed then we come to know that International student enrolment at developed countries higher education institutions has developed considerably over the precedent decade. Customarily, a lot of international students who study for an international hospitality qualification initiate from Asia and a bulk of these students are of Confucian culture heritage along with hotel management and hospitality knowledge. As there is a rising body of literature that travel around learning issues of Asian students concerned in international higher education, there are instances in the literature that endorse stereotypical views of the strengths and disadvantage of international students.

This research examines the person and collective preferred learning style of a example of hospitality heritage culture university students, analyses links among ethnic origins and favored learning style and propose that preferred learning styles ought to be taken into thought when rising a curriculum which is accessed by intercontinental students.

Chapter # 1