Hospitality training report( chapter 1 Introduction)

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Hotel industry is getting more and more famous nowadays. It is according to the increased of economic and increased of the levels of people's life. Nowadays, "hotel" is not just to provide a place for travelers to stay, "hotel" can be provide a lot of activities for guests. Such as: Food and beverage, gym facilities, swimming pool and business center and so on.

Beside other amenities of hotel, food & beverage service is one of the major marketing factors of hotel. It is a big and very important department. Because food & beverage department has nearness linked with every other departments. Food & beverage department in hotel is not same as operating a restaurant or normal food service business. It is combined with the whole operation and management of the hotel. Even in some of the hotels, the revenue from food and beverage can be a mainly part of revenue receive department.

Sometimes, the excellent food and beverage can be a reason to attract the guest come to stay in the hotel also.

Since people's increase of the quality expectation of food, a good restaurant consider as not only good taste of food but service is more important. "A good service can save a bad meal, but a good meal can't bail out a bad service." Nick Nickolas, the owner of Nick's fish Market in Chicago once said. From his speech we can see that, service of the food as important as the quality of the food.

Luckily, I had a chance to training in Shangri-la hotel, town which is one of the best restaurant in Penang for two months. During my two months training in Shang Palace restaurant of Shangri-la hotel, town, I strongly feel that good management skill and knowledge are very important. Shang Palace is a...