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The play THE CRUCIBLE is about the Salem witch trials. Witch was a series of events leading up to the arrest and murder of 19 townspeople mostly women. This story goes into great detail about what the characters of this trial might have been like during this time and how they might have changed: Two of these Dynamic characters and John Proctor and Rev. John Hale. Both of these characters in the beginning are firm in there beliefs.

John Proctor starts this story as a man that hates hypocrites. John see him self as a hypocrite so in turn he hates himself. The main reason he is this way is because he had an affair with another character named Abigail Williams. In the beginning he had some compassion for her. This makes him feel even worse about his wife because he still loves her. His actions make him vary quite with his opinions.

Toward the end John Proctor he realizes that confession and acceptance for his actions will help his relationship with his wife. The part where and his wife tells him that she does not hate him is the real beginning of change for John because he starts to see that there is still hope. John thinks that his wife was accused of being a witch by Abigail. So the compassion he had for Abigail in the beginning slowly fades into a bitter disgust and hate for her. This starts to open him up and he starts being more outspoken with his opinions. He decides to go to court and confess his affair with Abigail because he thinks that it will prove to the town that she is not a godly child.

Rev. John Hale on the other hand starts out the opposite of John Proctor. He...