"The Crucible" about Elizabeth and John Proctor.

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"I want you dead! I don't like you being married to John Proctor. Once you are dead I can have him all to myself." "No, why would you do such a thing. You will be caught and hung." "You think I, Abigail Williams, would ever get caught please." I had a nightmare last night but I didn't think too much on it. I woke up to another day, and Proctor was gone already. I made breakfast and gave Mary Warren some chores to complete. Thinking about the kids, Proctor and all the things I had to do I prayed. I prayed to God that everything would work out for the best that witchcraft would stop, that Proctor would forgive himself and for the boys. It was getting close to the afternoon, and Mary Warren approached me and said, "May I talk to you for a second, Goody Proctor." What was I going to say no? "Yes, you may."

"May I please go to the court; I have some business to take care of?" John would not approve of me saying yes but oh well. "I guess so, don't be out too late." "I won't, thanks so much," and she went to court. I made lunch for the boys, and thought about what I should make for dinner. As I wondered a rabbit hopped in the kitchen and I had my answer. I fed it some carrots so it could be plump for tonight. When it was ready to be killed I had second thoughts but I stripped it and seasoned it. Time past by so quickly it was soon getting dark and had to tuck the boys in bed. The boys wanted me to sing so I started singing. "What the world needs now is love sweet love. It's...