The Crucible; struggle between heroes.

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Sometimes fights and arguments arise between two people because of their differences, and sometimes because of their similarities. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is basically about a struggle between the protagonist, John Proctor and the antagonist, Abigail Williams. However, they struggle against each other because of their similarities and differences. Although they can both be considered "rebels" in their society, over all John Proctor is a good respectful man and Abigail Williams is a selfish irresponsible teenager.

John and Abigail have many similarities. They are both warrior type heroes, using force to get their way with their own strength. They are also both very stubborn and headstrong. People who are stubborn or hardheaded usually attract each other at first, but in most cases their traits turn to work against each other. Neither are society's "angels" either. John hardly ever goes to church, and his youngest child was never baptized.

Abigail had been kicked out of the home she had been staying in (John Proctor's house) where she acted as a live-in servant. John and Abigail are also both very brilliant, usually having some little cocky wise guy comments for each other and those around them. Both have committed the same crime (even better, together): adultery. They both had, and in some ways still have, lust for each other. Reputations are very important to both Abigail and John, they value their reputation above most anything else in their lives... and amazingly are able to maintain their reputations throughout the entire play all the way to the end.

However, despite all of these similarities, like it was stated earlier, John Proctor is a good respectful man. He can also be classified as a martyr type hero, a man with goodness and care who sacrifices himself for others. He...