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Report 2: Cultural Ideals and Characteristics

1. In parts 1 and 2 of the Visible Self we discussed the cultural ideals of men and women's appearances. Introduce your culture and ask your partner to describe the cultural ideals for men and women in his or her country. Include discussion of body type (fat, thin), hairstyle (color, texture, and length), color of eyes, and types of clothing (western, traditional).

Following next contents are relevant the cultural ideals of South Korea. Actually, Traditionally, South Korean people don't have western-eyelids, blonde hair, glamorous body, long height, a sharp nose, small oval face like western appearance. They just have non-western-eyelids, black hair, small body, short height, a flat nose, circular face, and so on. However, recently, most of South Korean chase to western appearance and they want to be shown western person by themselves to others. Even they do 'plastic surgery' in hospital. So there are a lot of plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea.

Moreover, in order to get western look, most of female have deep make-up even, sometimes male do make-up. For these reason, many of South Korean entertainers including actress, actor and singer have western look. And it is regarded 'beauty' in South Korea.

However, there isn't specific ideal hairstyle in South Korea. Obviously, there are some types of trend hairstyle, but most of people keep their hairstyle following the way of their own style.

Moreover, many of South Korean seek to have thin body, so they are keeping going management of weights for diet. And they prefer small size of face and head than big one. Therefore, it is important for South Korean to have small face, head and body of golden ratio.

Then, South Korean has brown eyes. Most of them like their own eye's color, but some people...