damage caused by unnatural drug usage

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Damage Caused by Unnatural Drug Usage

Thesis: Unnatural drug use should be illegalized globally because those drugs damage peoples social life, work like, their physical and phychological health.

I. Damage to General Organs

1. Liver

2. Hearth

3. Lungs

4. Brain

5. Skin

II. Damage to Psychological Health

A. Increasing Courage and Attempt to Violence

B. Hallucinations

C. Loss of Interest in Food

D. Loss of Interest in Sex and Sports

E. Increasing Emotional Activities and Flashbacks

III. Damage to Work Life

IV. Damage to Social Life

A. Realationship Between Family Members

1. Couple

2. Children

B. Relationship between the People Around The Drug User

1. Relationship With Friends

2. Relationship With People in Public

Damages Caused by Unnatural Drug Usage

Stimulants, depressants, hallucinogenies and opioids are the categories of drugs that most abused by people. Most of those drugs are unnatural and made by using many dangerous chemical materials for human health.

The effects of drugs depend on their categories, for example, stimulants like cocaine and cyristal meth cause the user to stay awake much longer than normal but unfortunetley this effect couse damage to brain and eye problems. Another kind of drug ''Depressants'' like Xanax cause the user to feel drowsy and effects the opposites of stimulants, it makes the user sleep longer than normal. But all those drugs have one common point; they all have negative effects on human health physically and especially psychologicly. According to a report done by the Centers for Disease Control and Provention in 2000, drugs killed more people than alcohol does even the alcohol users are 7 times more than the drug users.

Most of the drug addicts start using drugs simply with curiosity to the effect of the drug but unfortunately this action starts a cycle which eventually leads to a...