The Dangers of Atomic Weapons and Nuclear Energy

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"The Dangers of Atomic Weapons and Nuclear Energy"

To further explain how the use of nuclear energy and the construction of atomic weapons is a threat to the United States.

Millions of homes around the United States are being powered by nuclear energy and have no idea how much damage it is causing. It is taking lives, damaging the environment, and hurting the economy.

Originally, I explained to you a basic idea on how nuclear energy and atomic weapons are a threat to the United States. Now I will explore in greater depth the problems and possible solutions behind this.


I. Lack of knowledge about nuclear radiation

A. The public has not been well educated about nuclear radiation.

1. Few people know that the normal background radiation is over 30 times higher than the radiation at the out core of a nuclear reactor! (According to Professor Bernard Cohen of the University of Pittsburgh)

II. Effect on the human body

A. A person's exposure to radiation is measured in units called a millirem. A millirem measures the effects of radiation on the human body. Roughly 300 millirem come from man-made sources. (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Nuclear Radiation)

B. Biological effects of radiation on living cells may result in two outcomes: (1)

Injured or damage cells repair themselves incorrectly resulting in biological mutations; (2) cells die creating problems in the body and even death. (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

C. It is believed that 50% of a population would die within thirty days after receiving a radiation dose, over a period ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. The chances of cancer occurring after radiation exposure are about five times greater than a genetic effect. The effect includes still births, congenital damage,