The Dark Conspiracy Behind The CIA the early 1950ties into the mid 1960ties

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During the early 1950s and into the mid 1960s there were a

number of unusual activities involving the CIA, The Canadian

Government, and the American Government. It was a conspiracy. No

one would ever guess that it was being supported by all three


During this time a number of experiments involving

hallucinogenic, along with what some might consider inhuman methods

of psychiatry, were performed on patients. This wasn't the end of

the story. After three decades through endless court battles, a

mysterious death of one of the world's most famous

psychiatrists/doctor, and numerous investigations, The CIA ended

up being the most dominant player and winner of this international

yet mysterious case.

Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA), U.S. agency est.(1947)

by the National Security Act. It conducts intelligence and

counterintelligence activities outside the U.S. It also engages in

domestic counterintelligence operations, but only in coordination

with the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and subject to the

attorney general's approval.

These limitations were mandated by a

1978 executive order, issued in the wake of abuses related to the

WATERGATE AFFAIR and of a presidential commission's charge (1975)

that the CIA had engaged in unlawful domestic spying. The CIA has

also been criticized for taking an active role in the internal

affairs of foreign governments.

source:Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Copyright © 1994

Columbia University Press.

The Beginning of MKultra

The MKultra program emerged in 1953. It dealt with drugs and

counter-drugs involved in research and development.

MKultra immediate inspiration came from confessions made at

Stalin's show trials and a public confession of Cardinal Mindzenty

of Hungary on February 3, 1949. He showed signs that made the

impression of being 'broken down'. As a result of theses incidents

the C.I.A was interested in the reason behind all this.

Another factor was the Korean War.