David Suzuki's book "From Naked Apes to Superspecies", which deals with environmental issues.

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From Naked Ape to Superspecies is a non-fiction book that explores a myriad of topics of profound importance to the environmental movement. Although the environment is the central theme, the book also bridges into areas of bioethics, globalization, consumerism and social/environmental activism. The book also covers the more conventional and familiar environmental topics including global warming, deforestation, water pollution and air pollution.

When I first read this book, I expected it to be more like a textbook than something I would reader on my own. I thought it would simply state the facts and opinions through hypothetical situations in a dry and trite way. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the further I went into the book, the more interesting it was.

To prove their point of view, the authors utilized a case study format to substantiate their claim. Personally, I found this quite effective and consider this one of the main elements that made this book so successful.

In most academic writing, the thesis is usually inducted through a series of abstract hypothetical situations that most people find pretentious and difficult to understand. Through this case-by-case model the reader is able to see concretely how the concepts can be applied in real life scenarios. Moreover, it gives the book an impression of objectivity. For example, when talking about the benefits of organic or traditional styles of farming, the authors decided to use an example in India. This village has converted back to a polyculture system, which has enabled them to independent of the companies that sell chemical fertilizers and seeds, and can now be self-sufficient.

The book is written in a simple and straightforward language, which most people would be able to comprehend. Even some of the more complex issues, such as bioethics, are expertly explained with much simplicity...