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Examination are the most dreadful activities in the life of a student. He always shrinks back from the examination. He looks pale ,sunken,having a long face specially in the month of march because it is the month of annual examiation and the result of his whole year depends on them. The students look worried and anxious as the examination draw near . The day before the examination s horrible for them. They are busy on revising the main points They dont feel hungry.they take no interest in recreational items. They try to cram some important questions .The more they read, the more they forget. They feel nervous and confused. They burn the midnigh oil for preparing themselves for the examination. Even after learning a lot,they feel quit blank. they seek divine help and pray to god to help them pass the examination. Every student fears from it .They leave seeing movies ,watchingT.V.

They do not have sound sleep on the night befor the examination. In fact of the examination hangs so heavy on their mind that they do not have even awink of sleep throughout the night. Anyhow most of the students feel that their memory is failing . their young faces look tired as a result of worries and over studies