Day in the Mountains Discriptive essay

Essay by dany5 June 2004

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The soft morning breeze blew over the peaks and through the tall fragrant evergreen forest. I stood on my porch watching the wildlife busily starting the day. I walked on down the road to the other side of Clear Creek, which was the local river. I headed through a valley to a tailing pile that lay in front of the entrance that awaited me.

The entrance of the cave had a musty damp scent from years of still life in darkness. I had explored this mine a few times before and found it to be the biggest one accessible to adventurers. I carefully ducked through the low overhead opening of rock and stone that was the entry to the mountain.

The feeling of the cool damp air on my skin ran a shiver down my spine as I moved forward leaving the morning sun and safety of the outside world behind.

The sound of crushed rocks under our feet echoed off the solid stone walls stretching far into the distance before fading away in silence. After about two hundred feet the passageway turned to the left and the day light from the outside was lost. With the flick of a switch light broke the darkness

After about thirty minutes of travel I came to the main shaft that led to the upper levels. I absorbed the stillness hearing only my own breathing. I took a couple pictures of this unique and different scene that was in front of me.

I headed back to the entrance and made my way back home. On the way I encountered a nest of snakes. They were dark red in color and had a black stripe on their head. I kept a fair distance away and took some photos.

I kept walking on I...