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Period 4

AP US History

DBQ Essay

The United States became deeply divided in the 1790s Due the Anti-Federalists, aka Democratic-Republicans (DR), and he Federalists (Feds) differing viewpoints on how the US should deal with many issues, leading to those issues becoming controversies, causing fears such as Civil war, loss of independence, and inability to fully run the country properly. One of the most major controversies in this time was how to deal with foreign relations, with the Feds encouraging ties with the British and condemning the French, and the DRs worrying about becoming a monarchy. Another major controversy was weather or not to have political parties, the DRs worried it would lead to monarchy and the Feds deemed it a necessity. The last major controversy was figuring out how to interpret the constitution, the Feds arguing for the complete obedience if anything on the constitution and the DRs argued the constitution was open to interpretation

The first major controversy was how the US should handle all of its foreign affairs.

As evidence by Document A, Thomas Jefferson appeals to the British when he says "Britain demands repayment of debts." The British are mad that all payments the Americans owed the British prior to the revolution haven yet been paid, and Jefferson says "we agreed to it." Jefferson is ok with paying the British and sees nothing wrong with supporting the country the entire US stemmed off of, although he doesn't directly support the British because he fears the US becoming colonies of Britain once again. He especially fears the alien and sedition acts, because it gave the president the right to deport any non-American citizen out of the country which Jefferson believed to be more king-like than president-like and worried it would lead to a monarchy, as in Doc...