Dealing with practical issues of capacity and meeting customers demand for Benny Chicken

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1.0SUMMARY2.0INTRODUCTION2.1 - Brief description of the company2.2 - Aim of the company2.3 - What they do and target markets2.4 - Intensions of Report2.5 - Hypothesis One (Section One)2.6 - Hypothesis Two (Section Two)2.7 - Hypothesis Three (Section Three)2.8 - Limitations3.0METHODOLOGY RESULTSSECTION ONE3.1 - Methodology3.2 - Slack Performance Model3.3 - Graph 1 Importance of Performance Objectives3.4 - Graph 2 Slacks Polar Diagrams3.5 - Limitations of Slacks3.6 - Methodology Bowman's PUV Model3.7 - Results Bowman's PUV Model4.0 DISCUSSING RESULTS4.1 - Results of Figures 3.3 (Importance of Performance Objectives)4.2 - Results of Figures 3.4 (Slacks Polar Diagram)4.3 - Results of 3.7 (Bowman's PUV Model)4.4 - Summary5.0METHODOLOGY AND RESULTSSECTION TWO5.1 - Defining Capacity5.2 - Definition of Design Capacity5.3 - Results and Calculations of Design Capacity5.4 - Definition Effective Capacity5.5 - Results and Calculations Effective Capacity5.6 - Actual Output Definition5.7 - Results and Conclusions Actual Output5.8 - Graph6.0 DISCUSSING RESULTS6.1 - Results of Design Capacity6.2

- Results of Effective Capacity6.3 - Results of Actual Output6.4 - Results of Graph7.0 METHODOLOGY AND RESULTSSECTION 37.1 - Definition of Capacities7.2 - Types of Capacities used by Company8.0CONCLUSION9.0 RECOMMENDATIONS9.1 - Recommendation One9.2 Recommendation Two1.0 SUMMARY/ABSTARCT1.1From all the research that I have gained in my report, I conclude that in a fast food restaurant it is paramount that they are fast and sell there food at a reasonable price. That's what the customer wants.

At the moment Benny's is under utilizing its resource by a lot. It is only working at 27% of its capacity. It had potential to be doing a lot better.

There capacity strategy is working well at the moment but they would want to think about bringing in Demand Management to satisfy those quieter times.

INTRODUCTION2.1The company that I am doing a report on is 'Benny's Chicken' Take Away. It is a fast food chicken takeaway.