Dear Reviewer

Essay by Tdubya00High School, 11th grade July 2006

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Dear Reviewer,

Over the past four years writing has become an important part of my life. This year alone quality writing has become even more important. Our own writing sets us apart from other writers. Our senior teachers help us to prepare and write good pieces. This portfolio is a sample of my best work throughout high school, which is submitted and reviewed by you the reviewer. This letter isn't just meant to tell you how I've changed as a writer but also reasons why I've changed as a writer.

My writing portfolio was the most important task of my senior year. There is a quote that I like to recall which says "There are always two choices, two paths to take. One is easy and its only reward is that it's easy." I apply this philosophy to my entire life in what I do and how others perceive me as a person.

But lately I have begun to use this quote in my writing as well. I could have taken the easy path in writing my portfolio but the result wouldn't have been quality. Instead of that path, I choose to take the harder path and get better quality results. I have always possessed the ability to arrange my pieces into logical order. I, however, have often struggled with introductions, conclusions, descriptions, and dialogue.

I have worked hard to improve my skills in these areas. The result is some of the greatest pieces I've written in years. I've put in hours with these pieces correcting and critcing myself (and with others.) I put rigorous effort into my pieces along with my teachers. The person whom has solely influenced me in my writing this year was my senior English teacher. She would spend hours with me after school...