Death - For this assignment, we can choose any controversial topic to write. My topic is dead, based on Montaigne's essay.

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An English proverb says, "Death always comes either too early or too late." All civilizations; in myth, religion, and science regard death as a dark mystery surrounding our lives; great curiosity of it had always existed. Humankind displays the discomfort of death and dying in many ways. It presents an unpleasant topic to talk about in a conversation in most cultures - and the Chinese custom still practiced is to wash our hands and feet after going to a funeral, as not to bring death into one's home. Death and dying is constantly associated to our negative emotions of grief, anger, fear, and denial. Up until now, one of the biggest questions in life remains; what takes place when we die and how we should view the matter. Plays, tales, and songs were composed concerning it. Such significant a part death plays in everyone's life that Montaigne, along with many other philosophers pondered upon it; and no one can admit that it has never entered their thoughts before.

"No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow." (Euripides)

Throughout nineteen years of living thus far, no incident of death had been part of my life experience. Never have I lost anyone dear, nor has any famous one's death been significant. The mere idea of it someday happening to others and myself I enormously dreaded, however. From the moment my conscience of death was formed, I found that it terrified me. Learning from the television, books, and stories I was told, its inevitable nature was something I couldn't accept. To me the regret of dying young and losing others was totally unimaginable. For a long time I kept this matter to myself and constantly pondering - at such a young age, I think too much - upon...