The Death Penalty

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Death Penalty The death penalty has been with us for hundreds of years, from a time long ago when executions were publicly displayed by hanging or decapitation, in an almost circus-like atmosphere. Historically executions by the state were act of justice, believed to be a salutary way to dissuade people not to commit crimes. The death penalty is a source of heated debate that will continue for generations to come. Many believe the death penalty should be abolished, while others believe the death penalty should remain a viable option. There are many problems inherent with the death penalty, as a society striving for a perfect solution it should not be abolished rather fine tuned it to a changing society and culture. The effectiveness of the death penalty has been deluded by an inefficient and time consuming judicial system, further undermined by an accommodating correctional institution. Under the circumstances I concur with those whose position is that the death penalty should be administered to only those who commit heinous crimes, whether it involves murder or not (Logan, Carol p.1).

For you to digest what is to be presented, I ask you to open your mind and picture your significant other being raped and murdered.

Individuals can look at judicial history and tell that just because someone is sentenced to the death does not mean that a sentence of death will be carried out.

Our society has become liberalized in that they are willing to provide everyone with a myriad of legal opportunities to overturn a sentence not on the facts but procedural technicalities. People gravely concerned about those who rape and murder want the focus of the judicial system on these cases rather than being bogged down with a boy who stole something from a retail store type of case. Women,