Death Penalty

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DEATH PENALTY "“ THE ULTAMATE SOLUTION There are certain crimes so appalling to society that imprisonment is insufficient. It is vital that punishment be more severe to deter criminals from performing violent acts against humanity. By using the death penalty to punish the most offensive and violent criminals, we can discourage others from committing the same crimes. Not all should be eligible for the death penalty. Corporal punishment should be required for only the most violent, harmful criminals. The crimes committed by the murderers and rapists should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and put to death.

Thousands of people are killed and crippled annually by drunk drivers. If there were no traffic rules and regulations, more people would disrespect the traffic laws. It would cause more accidents to occur. More innocent drivers would become the victims of the reckless drivers. Due to traffic laws, violations of traffic rules have been minimized.

According to Graeme Newman, the author of Just and Painful, "Those who risk the lives of others (and this includes white collar criminals) surely deserve to have their own lives put at risk. The same may be said of those who kill or injure as a result of drunk driving. Those who kill should be killed (Newman 23).

Homicide is an evil and disgraceful action caused by inhumane people. Capital punishment is an appropriate response from the society regarding murder, which is a deadly crime. It affirms society's moral recognition that some crimes are intolerable. "Most state laws allow the death penalty to be imposed only for murder, but accomplices to murder and drug traffickers whose illegal activities lead to death can be executed in some states as well." (Issues). The opponents might say that capital punishment is a deliberate murder whether committed by the...