Death Of A Salesman

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The American Dream is the hope of being wealthy, successful, and having many friends. The American Dream represents the hope of every American; everyone would like to be rich and successful. Not many people achieve this dream because of all the demands that come with it. The American Dream is physically and mentally demanding. The cost of achieving it is great, a person must work hard all of the time to achieve such a great dream. In "Death of a Salesman"� by Arthur Miller the main character Willy Loman tries to achieve the American Dream his whole life but fails to do so, because he was never happy with what he had and was always looking at what other people had and he was never able to connect with his family.

Willy was never able to achieve the American dream because he was never happy with what he able to afford.

He always complaining about something that he owned that he didn't think was good enough. In "A Death of a Salesman"� Willy explains, "I told you we should've bought a well-advertised machine. Charley bought a general electric and it's twenty years old and it's still good."� This clearly shows that Willy is jealous of what Charley has and that he is not satisfied with what he has. There is no way that Willy can achieve the American Dream because he is jealous of what somebody else has.

Another thing that Willy is never satisfied with is his job. Willy always talks about how he is a great salesman but on the inside realizes that he is not that good. In "Death of Salesman"� Linda explains, "He's been trying to kill himself."� This line referring to Willy shows that Willy realizes he will never achieve the American...