Death Of A Salesman

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The Reasons Willy Committed Suicide Do you know what suicide is? Suicide is the act of taking one's own life voluntarily. In the book Death of a Salesman the main character commits suicide at the end. I bet you are wondering why he would do such a thing. Well, in my opinion he did it because of his son, he was fired from his job, and his whole life was fictitious.

The first reason why Willy killed himself had to do with his son. First, Willy loved his son very much and he felt his son did not feel the same. So, Willy thought if he killed himself his son would respect and love him. Second, because he felt as if he ruined Biff's life. He had these feelings because Biff went to Boston searching for his father's help and wisdom, instead he caught him with a mistress. Since Biff was not able to succeed in math he was not able to attend college.

Finally, after Biff came clean about his real lifestyle, Willy felt that Biff would not have sufficient funds so he committed this suicidal act so Biff could collect the life insurance money. Willy was willing to take his own life to better his son's life.

The second reason he killed himself was because he was fired from his job.

Being a salesman meant a lot to Willy because it was a job that made him feel good about himself and his father was a salesman. It was also his only means of income. Willy also did not want to have to rely on his sons for money. He felt if he was fired he would fall into poverty and his sons did not have high paying jobs like they claimed.

The third reason for his suicide...