Definitions of Dramatical Terms

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Roll On the WallA Roll on the Wall is a profile of your character, showing the characters personality, personal details, talents, ambitions, friends, job, favourite film, favourite place to hang out, happiest memories, hobbies, roll models and many more. This is so that the Actor/Actress can relate to this roll on the wall so that they can truly understand their character. – The roll on the wall is usually done around a gingerbread man shape so that the points about the character can associate with the body parts of the Gingerbread man.

Circle of Concentration – StanislavskiA man named Stanislavski created what is known as a Circle of concentration. Where there are two people deeply involved in an improvised scene where there is a Tormentor who tries to distract both of them from the scene they are in. Once one of the actors makes eye contact or acknowledgement to the Tormentor, the Circle of concentration is broken.

Emotional Recall – StanislavskiStanislavski also said that every thespian who needed to act out an emotion should recall the memories where the emotion took place, so that it would be a lot more natural to act out the emotions.

Beliefs and SemioticsBeliefs and Semiotics is where someone makes the audience believe that something is not what it actually is. For example, Mrs Hems and her paper-bird, no actually paper.

Freeze Frame – Still ImageFreeze frames or still images are where the characters are sculpted into a position in a moment in time of the dramatic piece where the frozen montage of thespians should tell a story. The still image enables us to focus on the characters, to fully understand what really is going on. In a Freeze Frame there are many things available for the audience to analyse such as...