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Deforestation is happening in this world every minute of the day. It is destroying trees and habitats of the animals that live in it. The question is, what is Deforestation? Deforestation is a process of clearing of tress from a large area, mainly forest and woodlands. It is also a process that involves a competition among different land users for scare resources which means the interaction of the many environmental, social, economic, cultural, and political forces of any given region.

There are a lot of factors contributing to this deforestation, and because of this factors, the amount of forest in this world are getting lesser and lesser by the minute. The first factor is land access and land tenure. The amount of land in a country is fixed, but the amount of people living in it is ever growing. Houses and condominiums need to be built to house this people.

In order to achieve that, extra land is needed and where can we find this extra land? We can find it from the forest itself. Forest is cleared making way for this development of houses and condominiums.

The second factor is extractive consumption. The forest itself is full of resources. Wood gathered from forest can be used to make furniture and charcoals. We need to exploit the forest goods to obtain funds to develop and maintain the country's economy. This can also be known as 'market pressures'. The country needs to gain money to produce more money and this is their way of making money.

The third factor is military purposes. New weapons and inventions of mass destruction are being introduced everyday. The military personnel will need a place to test this weapons and inventions effectiveness. Where can they find such a place? The forest! This is because forest...