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Deforestation Deforestation is the main cause for the destruction of the environment. It includes all countries, developed and developing. Deforestation causes pollution, desertifacation, hunger, waste of land area, and destruction of wildlife. The trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen purifying the air. Also, the forests are home to many forms of wildlife and wildlife preserve the cycle of life. When we kill animals we are in turn hurting the human population because we also need meat to survive. Next, when forests are cut down the land area can not be used again because the process of desertifaction takes place. When desertifacation takes place, land area can no longer be used for development or for food production. This can lead to hunger, poverty, and slum areas. Since areas can not be used for development, many industries have to build close together. This causes the level of smog to increase in a specific area instead of the spreading out of industries, which would help the air quality locally.

Society's health is suffering because of deforestation. The quality of air is decreased as trees are cut down for paper or wood products. Asthma and other respiratory problems can be linked to deforestation and increased density of industries. This causes people to have a shorter life on earth and increasing world suffering.

There are many ways to prevent deforestation. First, education must be brought to developing countries and laws have to be enforced to help preserve rain forests. Second, people have to reuse, recycle, and reduce. Many people throw away paper and objects that can be used again. People can reduce the use of wood or use alternate materials. Third, plant trees, not only will you be helping the planet, but you will also make the area where you...