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Mills Miller

Mr. Ussery



My Stock Paper

On August 8 2013 I began venture into the fascinating world of Marketwatch mock stock trading game. Although it does not deal with real money, the game is extremely realistic and simulates what it would be like to trade on the market in real life.

Out of my 58 trades my first was Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that creates electronic products such as computers, computer software, and computer accessories. I bought it because I we use Microsoft products every day. The computer and program I'm using right now is proof of this. I believe it would have been a good stock in the long run but for day trading it is a horrid stock. I ended up losing money on Microsoft. My second buy was Cigna. Cigna is a global health services organization that I heard about while watching Mad Money, a show hosted by Jim Cramer who used to be a hedge fund manager that advises you on what stocks to buy and sell.

Cigna was a decent day trading fun and I made a good bit of money off of it (almost a thousand). After Cigna I bought H&R Block. It is a tax preparation service. I had no idea whether or not this would be a good stock to buy I just knew it was on the list of stocks that were trending up on Marketwatch. It ended up gaining me money but not a lot. It is not a good day trading stock. I do suggest this stock as possibly a 6-months-and-sell stock because it tends to fluctuate quite a bit. Then I bought LNKD. This was also a stock I saw in the positive trending area on Marketwatch. This stock was a huge gainer...