Democracy and Religion

Essay by edgargdo November 2004

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The term democracy literally mean that the people rule. Every human being is to certain extent political being. The meaning of personality is not exhausted by the importance of every day civil life. I think that religion is more important than democracy.

This does not necessarily indicate that that democracy is not important, but it does say that if democracy is not compatible with the religion then the democracy itself should be ceased not religion. Democracy is not something self-explanatory, and it is validity has to be argued and confirmed by rational grounds. Our dealings with God are definitely more significant than our relations in every day life. The civil society cannot be an alternative to God.

Therefore it means that if our relationship with God is not proper and valid, our relations with our friends and relatives will not be proper either. Statecraft and soul craft are closely related, just as Plato said in his Republic.

If democracy is a kind of test for how valid the religion is, this criteria can only mean that democracy claims to be religion itself. Therefore we came to a conclusion that democracy in this situation is not just correct ordering of the civil society by it is more a religion that delivers ultimate meanings. Democracy can be a set of guidelines that claims to be the criteria of what the religion should be, so it is itself idolatry. Before one can accept democracy he should think about what is the purpose of human will. A multiplicity of empty wills does not constitute a democracy rightly founded.

Neither Roman nor American founders used the word democracy to describe their regime. They preferred the word republic, though often the two words are used as if they were interchangeable. The word republic clearly distinguished between...