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"Media Stereotypes of angry black women have become more pervasive in recent years", says Philip Kretsedemas, writer of the article "But She's not Black!" Modern day media depicts black women as being very hostile, stern, extremely outspoken, submissive and sometimes vulgar, causing today's modern society to develop false stereotypes of all black women. The media serves as a platform for shaping and transmitting African American political culture. In comparison to the radio, magazines and newspapers, television has the most influence on a person's beliefs and values. The perception of African American women in today's society has become an important issue regarding the balance and imbalance of power between black women from different centuries in the political world, media and everyday life. Many modern day black women refuse to refute such inaccurate depictions that focus on black women being angry or submissive and obeying every man's whims.

21st century black women are willingly disrespecting themselves for male entertainment of all races, enabling society's stereotypical perceptions of modern day black women. Compared to traditional black women, very few modern day black women utilize the media to display positive actions and instead use the media to display themselves in a negative light, causing the world to develop new perceptions of African American women.

The roles of black women in the media have completely changed from the historical eras when respectful and ambitious black women would be displayed on television fighting for women's rights along with rights regarding the entire black race. These women would be shown engaging in civil disobedience such as sit ins and boycotts until justice was served. Today, modern black women are displaying themselves in a different manner through the media. Women of the 21st century are allowing the old perception of strong and...