Describe how the federal and state systems of government differ in regards to employment laws. Provide one example of a protection that is provided by the state system, but not the federal.

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In the United States of America there is not a single U.S. court system. Every State located in the U.S. has their own individual court system to handle the criminal and civil cases that are brought to court within the state. Outside of the State court systems there is the federal government court system. This court system is designed to hear and judge cases that involve issues governed by the federal laws and/or the U.S. Constitution. The employment laws for both the state and federal court systems are very different. This paper I will emphasize on how the state and federal court systems of the government are different in their relation to employment law. I will also provide an example of employment protection that is provided by the state of California's court, but not the federal court.

Many states have human rights acts that include in their protections the prohibitions against discrimination based on marital status or affinity orientation.

The statutes generally establish a state human rights commission, which hears claims brought under the state act. There are many different ways in which the state and federal courts systems differ. Here is one example on how they are similar: Federal, State and Local employees are protected in their right of privacy from governmental intrusion and access. The Constitution protects individuals from wrongful invasions by the state or by any entity acting on behalf of the government. The Privacy Act of 1974 also restricts governmental intrusion into the lives of federal employees. The jurisdiction of the federal courts is defined as extending in law and equity to all cases arising under the Constitution and federal legislation. All 50 states located within the U.S. have their own judicial branch with an additional branch located in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.