Describe Hemingway's writing style.

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Ernest Hemingway has his own unique style of writing. What sets him from other writers? Hemingway is known for his direct style of writing. He is also known for the way he mirror's his own life style and interests in his characters. For example, he likes to fish, in the novel The Old Man and the Sea the old man goes on a fishing trip and it tells of his experiences during it. The appeal of the majority of his writing comes from things he had one-on-one contacted with. He tends to writes about things that are important to him like hunting, nature, fishing, and his religion. This statement is true because in his book the picture of Jesus on his wall shows represents his religion. As the old man, Santiago, goes out to sea on his fishing trip that also show his love for nature and fishing. He has also written about postwar Paris in the novel The Sun Also Rises', which it is know that he has been in the armed forces at one time.

Ernest Hemingway has a unique and direct style of writing that is enjoyed by many today.