Describe stream of consciousness and how it relates to the James Joyce stories "Araby" and "Eveline."

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Stream of consciousness greatly affects the way an author can present his story to his readers. The way that they can shift from topic to topic is incredible because it makes the story flow a lot smoother. This style of writing is very hard to conquer but James Joyce holds the undisputed title. Due to the brilliance of James Joyce, the use of stream of consciousness in Dubliners has a great affect on his story.

From the two passages that were required to read, Joyce brings about similarities between his works. In "Araby" and "Eveline" his characters both had to overcome a struggle in their paths. In "Araby", the boy was scared to talk with this one girl that he absolutely adored. He had overcome his fear and one day had spoken with her. She had asked him about going to the Bazaar and he became interested and told her if he had taken the trip, he would return with something for her.

Once he had made the magical trip, he had seen the Bazaar and was dazzled. By the time he had gotten there to buy anything, they were closing. Before we knew it, the Bazaar had closed and he wasn't able to purchase anything which made him sad. This comes to show that the things we desire the most we sometimes don't get.

In "Eveline", the young lady Eveline had been the daughter of a father who had favored his two sons over her. Her mother had died and she had promised her mother to keep the house together as long as possible. She had been struggling to survive and to keep the house together because of the hard work and dedication needed. She needed to keep food on the table and also make sure that the...