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Describing a tropical Island: A setting for a novel or film The beach's water deflects the sun's great glare into his eyes and is forced to look away towards and ever growing jungle of vines, trees and darkness. The trees making a canopy of the jungle hide what lies underneath. There is no sound of an insect, bird or reptile, no call of a human voice, only the steady rhythmical lap of the sea. The sound of the sea makes him shiver with fear for what could be lying in the jungle. The heat of the sun pounds down on him as he gathers up his courage and makes his way for shade into the endless jungle.

As he walks through the jungle his courage is raised by the light, which streams through the canopy lighting up the beauties of the jungle and stops to smell the flowers and examine things, which he never thought existed.

He stops himself from getting distracted and concentrates on his goal at hand. He makes his way through the jungle cutting down vines and leaves in his way trying to find an end to this endless jungle. Just as he was about to give up on his quest, he sees light not too far up ahead and races for it. Despite the beauty of the jungle he cannot withstand the immense heat created to by the canopy and dives out of the jungle and into the seawater. He raises his head and looks around him and to find that he is still surrounded in an endless desert of sand and water.

Suddenly the ground rumbles and as he looks up he discovers a new part of the island. Another shake of the ground and then sudden burst of fireworks firing up into the sky. He is stunned and the magnificent site, but also scared at the same time. He stands still watching the earth erupt, till finally his fear overcomes his interest and he sprints for his life back through the once never ending jungle racing for the other side. He glances over his shoulder, looking back for any sign of making it out safely. All of a sudden he falls over, flat on his face, and finds himself face to face with one of the many beauties of the jungle. He tries to turn over but he is faced with a hungry darkness, eating up all light in its path. He turns back to the flower and stares at it, waiting…