Describe the variations in accommodation types you have seen in Rotorua

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There are various types of accommodation types available in Rotorua. The range of accommodation that is available is at different price ranges for the different groups of tourists that visit Rotorua. Accommodation developments can be found right throughout Rotorua most are concentration near natural and cultural attractions, this is particularly seen along Fenton Street.

One type of accommodation available is through hotels. Hotels cater for large groups of tourists that do not stay more then one to two nights, such as the tourists that come in buses. They provide tourists with a bedroom and bathroom and normally the deal includes breakfast and dinner in a restaurant that is attached to the hotel. An example of this is the Rydges Hotel, which is situated by the racecourse on Fenton Street. Hotels are normally situated near natural and cultural attractions. This can be seen up Fenton Street, where there is a concentration of hotels such as the Rydges Hotel and Four Canoes Hotel.

These hotels are located here because they close to Whakarewarewa, Rotorua Lake and the Central business district. Tourists can move fast and efficiently from one place to the next, while businesses can maximise profits. In contrast to this hotels that have tried to set up away from mayor tourist attractions (such as geothermal activity) have failed, and lost money.

Motels are another type of accommodation is Rotorua. Motels make up 26% of the accommodation available in Rotorua. Motels are spread right out through out Rotorua, unlike hotels. However, motels like hotels are also concentrated around natural and cultural attractions to maximise profits. This is seen along Fenton Street, with the Golden Glow motel and Boulevard motel, there are also motels out by the luge and Whakarewarewa. Motels cater for families; small groups and FITS...