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Whipping winter wind tears through the thin layer of Gortex. A giant shudder convulses my body as the wind makes contact, chilling me to the bone. Breath freezes the moment it touches the cool air. Yet it continues to swirl in the wind like a miniature cloud exiting my mouth.

Straining, my eyes scanned the surroundings looking for a shape or shadow in the blinding whiteness. The trees are all white too, like giant monster blobs with only a touch of green color coming through the deep snow. Time seems to be frozen, along with my feet, in the blizzard of white and wind. I can't tell I'm moving or standing completely still.

Realizing it's the latter I once again continue my decent into the frozen wasteland. Powder flies into the air behind me glittering as though it were diamond dust. The top layer of snow has melted and then refrozen, allowing the edge of my board to slice through it with a crisp and satisfying crunch.

Gradually numbness begins to set into my limbs. First the ears, despite the thick toque covering them they start to solidify. Next from the very tips of my toes, the feeling creeps slowly up through my legs and to my thighs. Now not only the tips of my feet are frozen but also my fingers, mercifully the coldness couldn't spread past my hands. The pain is dull, yet blunt. It's easy to block out for a short amount of time but soon the throbbing is just too much.

My cheeks erupt in fiery pain as the coldness engulfs the exposed skin. Now I see a dark and ominous figure in front of me, it's in the shape of a building. However as I come closer I see it is but a figment of my imagination, like a desert mirage, yet this is no desert. Panic fills my mind like hot air filling a balloon. Where am I how much longer could it possibly be?